Deadlines are meant to be broken

And I'm back :)
Sorry I wasn't home in December, half the time Internet failed me where I was and due to a stupid mistake I couldn't post here...

So I'll try to finish my half translated chapter (3 for me, 4 for Cnine) and post it here!

It seems I'll have to wait for the author to bring online his work again though, since he deleted his work from syosetu.

And also, happy new year everyone !


Yalta! We did it!

After the last post I made about the already existing translation done by Cnine, I contacted him/her to see what can be done, and so it was decided that we will collaborate by translating alternatively chapters, the other person doing a second pass on it after that.
I've already done a second pass and modified some things on all my published chapters, thanks to Cnine work.
For now, since Cnine has other things to do beforehand, I'll continue translating this WN by myself until he/she is available again.

Stay tuned for the next chapter :)

Chapter 2 : House on the Prairie

It was an unanimous clamor.

Me, a genius?

The same person who has supposedly no talent in magic?
What are you talking abo... uwah!
The bear finished his ascension, he's here!! That's bad, real bad!!!
I immediately jumped down from the tree. My plan was too flee as quickly as possible after being on ground, but unfortunately I messed up my landing.
I twisted my ankle. I still could walk, but running was out of the question.

...So, that's the end.


Little Big Internet

And so I just saw that there was already a translation thread going on... I think that there were 3 chapters already done there.
As I'm doing it primarily for my own education, I plan on continuing the translation, as long as I can, so don't worry :)

By the way, I wanted to talk about how I decided to handle Japanese numerous untranslatable words, like -san, ne, etc. I think the audience is quite familiar with them already, so instead of being lost in translation, I'll add them as long as:
- they add something to the story.
- they have no equivalent in English.

See you for the next chapter!

Chapter 1 : Fairies

When I woke up, I was surrounded by a dazzling light. The light was so strong, I couldn't even open my eyes.
No, more like, my eyes weren't strong enough to withstand the light?
"With our second son born, this will definitely secure the
Hawkwood family lineage!"
I was hearing the voice of a man in his mid thirties.
"Honey, how shall we name this child?"
This time the voice was younger and feminine, the sound of a woman in her twenties.
"This child, he has black hair with ashen reflections, and deep black eyes, hasn't he?"
"That's true, this seems to be the result of the union between you, honey, and me."
"Hmm... Ash, black, brown..."
"Honey, do you think that because he is only the second son, you don't need to search properly for an appropriate name?"
"N, no, of course no... OK, I decided, this boy will be called Ash!"


Thank you

To begin with, thank you all for your support, that means a lot for me, as to be honest I wasn't even sure that this had sufficient quality to be published in public.
It was more or less a trial balloon, and as I consider it a success - I was not lynched after all :) -  , I'll continue to translate this WN in public!
About the release schedule you anon asked for, I translate this one at a snail speed in my leisure time, and I try to do a relatively proper job, so don't expect more than 1 chapter a week. I'll try to gain more speed as I'll translate more, but for now that's my limit!

See you soon for the first chapter ;).


I hate humans.

As soon as I think about their treacherous nature, I just can't trust them anymore. I lived avoiding social interactions as much as possible. That's why, even if I will be 29 this year, I have neither friends nor a lover. Having to bear such a personality, of course there is a cause for me becoming like that.


Welcome to this blog, it is dedicated to the web novel I (try to) translate: Bocchi Tensei Ki by First. Why? Well why not :).
The story is about reincarnation: a young misanthrope is killed and reincarnated as a newborn in another world.
I can't say more, I will be discovering the story with you as I'll translate it.

Neither English nor Japanese is my mother tongue. I do this to enhance my Japanese, and I think that for now it is really at a baby level, so of course expect errors and stupid translations.

Any comments or correction are welcome of course, I will gladly accept them, so feel free to help ;) .

And of course, I hope you will enjoy this!